"From walking bikes to stunt scooters, it always goes forward with Billy!"

Walking Bikes

With the walking bikes from Billy, your toddler learns to master his or her balance while playing. The feet are still close to the ground so that your child gets more self-confidence step by step and thus can easily make the step to cycling without the need for side wheels. Our walking bikes are available in all kinds of colors.

Billy Walking Bikes
Billy Tricycles


With the Billy tricycles, your toddler is immediately on the way to new adventures! The sturdy tires, safety handles and the grip-resistant pedals guarantee a safe journey. A tricycle lets your child get used to the pedaling movements like cycling.

Billy Tricycles


Billy has scooters for all ages and preferences. Learning to step, romping with a scooter with pneumatic tires or stepping to school with an adjustable scooter. It's all possible. Even adults can opt for a collapsible scooter for a sporting trip to work!

Billy Scooters
Billy Stunt Scooters

Stunt Scooters

Combine tricks and speed with the Billy stunt scooters! Thanks to the light but sturdy frames and the smooth wheels you can perform the coolest stunts and tricks in no time.

Billy Stunt Scooters